How to Choose Optical Distribution Frame

Due to the development of high speed transmission, demands for high density patching have increased in recent years. However, the management of installed cables still remains a difficult task. To achieve a simpler way of cable organization, people often use the cost-effective optical distribution frame (ODF) to arrange optical cable connections. ODF plays an important part in... Continue Reading →

Basic of Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)

Driven by requirements for high-speed data rate, the deployment of fiber optic has been growing. As the growth of installed fiber optic, the management of optical transmission networks becomes more difficult. Many factors should be considered during fiber optic cabling, like flexibility, future viability, cost of deployment and management, etc. To handle large amounts of... Continue Reading →

Considerations for Fiber Optic Termination

Fiber optic cables and connectors are necessary components of current telecommunication systems which are transmitting greater information at faster speeds. As we all know, when appropriate optical cables have been selected for a system, connectors and termination method also should be taken into account to meet the system requirements. This article mainly explores several considerations... Continue Reading →

Brief Introduction to Fiber Optic Termination

When it comes to install a fiber optic network, undoubtedly, fiber optic termination is one of the extremely important procedures. Since an unreliable network will cause many problems and may not perform correctly. Therefore, much attention is paid to this area today, and numerous related products are appearing on the market to make fiber optic... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right Network Rack & Cabinet

When designing a data center, server room or network closet, deciding which racks or cabinet to deploy and how to configure them should be the most important thing to be considered. Because a right network rack or cabinet can bring a lot of benefits such as improving power protection, cooling, security as well as cable management.... Continue Reading →

Fiber Optic Pigtail Selection Guide

With the network cabling environment becoming more and more complex, there is a growing need to terminate fiber optic cables in an efficient and faster manner. Apart from fiber connectors, fiber optic pigtails also can offer a quick way to achieve this goal. Today, this post will introduce the basics and common types of fiber... Continue Reading →

Fiber Optic Pigtail: What Is It and How to Splice It?

In fiber optic cable installation, how cables are attached to the system is vital to the success of network. If done properly, optical signals would pass through the link with low attenuation and little return loss. Fiber optic pigtail offers an optimal way to joint optical fiber, which is used in 99% of single-mode applications. This post contains some basic knowledge of fiber... Continue Reading →

Fiber Optic Splitter Solution

In today’s optical network topologies, the advent of fiber optic splitter is significant in helping users maximize the performance of optical network circuits. Fiber optic splitter, or sometimes called as beam splitter, is a passive optical component that can split an incident light beam into two or more light beams, and vice versa. The device... Continue Reading →

Fiber optic networks and their role in 5G

Regardless of the wireless technology employed, fiber will be the supporting infrastructure for 5G networks and Without fiber, the revolutionary goals of 5G would simply be impossible. Fiber optic networks are a type of high-speed wireline network offering improved speed, security and bandwidth over legacy copper systems. Fiber optic technology has long been used in long-haul networks... Continue Reading →

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